Sink Rate Science

Sink Rate Lookup Tables


Sink Rate Lookup Tables

Sink Rates in 55 Degree Fresh Water
Lookup tables on this page provide the solution to the equations on the Sink Rate Science page for a wide range of sinking line grain weights, diameters, and water temperatures. The 55 degree fresh water table is a good standard for most purposes.

Sink rates are slightly less in colder water and salt water and are slightly higher in warmer water. We offer additional tables below for those who want more exact information. However, the differences are relatively minor: just a few percent one way or the other relative to standard 55 degree fresh water table.

For "in-between" sink rates, or for unusual fly lines that are outside the ranges covered by these tables, use our sink rate and rule number calculator.

Sink Rates in 40 Degree Fresh Water
Sink Rates in 70 Degree Fresh Water