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Sink Tip Length Formula

How much sink tip do you need to deliver your fly to a desired hangdown depth?  The calculation is simple based on rule number and water velocity.
Sink Tip Length (ft) = Desired Fly Depth (ft) x Water Velocity (mph) x Rule Number / 3
For example, suppose you are using rule 9 sinking line. You are fishing in 2 mph water and would like to get your fly to a depth of 2.5 ft. According to this formula, you would need to attach 2.5 x 2 x 9 / 3 = 15 ft of this sink tip to your floating head.

Note that this formula is the fly depth formula, but just turned around. So it has the same accuracy: for 3 mph water, it is virtually exact by definition.  Over a wide range other practical fishing conditions (e.g. water velocities from 1 to 5 mph), this formula yields estimates that are accurate to within about 10% of our more-precise simulation-based calculations.