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Use this calculator to convert a range of sink tips (of your choosing) to equivalent lengths of standard sink tip material (also of your choosing).  This converter is especially useful for fly fisherman who wish to switch over to the simpler system of using short loop-to-loop connections of a standard sink tip in place of carrying around multiple long (e.g. 15 foot) tips in multiple sink tip wallets.  

Click "Convert" below to convert a range of RIO sink tips into equivalent lengths of SA (Scientific Anglers) Express 14+.  (Show me what this means.) Enter tip number 1 where indicated to convert these tips into equivalent lengths of Cortland LC 13, or enter 2 to convert them to RIO T-14.  Enter your own data in any of the blue cells to convert any sink tip set of your choosing into equivalent lengths of any standard sink tip material of your choosing.
  Convert the following sink tips …  
  Weight Diameter    
  (grains (thousandths Length  
  Sink tip per foot) of an inch) (feet)  
  …into equivalent lengths of (enter tip number from list below --->)  
      Water velocity (mph)  
  Sink tip 0.5 1.5 2.5  

The above calculations are based delivering the fly to the same hangdown fly depth in 55 degree fresh water where, in all cases, the respective sink tips are attached on one end to a floating head (such as a Skagit 650) and on the other end to tippet material and a small unweighted fly. We have verified that results for other temperatures and for salt water are similar to those above.  This calculator also assumes the same water velocity at all depths (see discussion). Relaxing this assumption might change the above results slightly -- especially in slow water conditions when comparing very different tips (e.g. Intermediate 166 vs Express 14+).